A Great Guitarist

Derek Trucks, Guitar Player, Allman Brothers Band
Derek Trucks Band
This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
I'm a baby boomer and have certain very strong feelings about rock and roll. What is — The Rolling Stones. What isn't — most everything else.

I've painstakingly passed this wisdom on to one of my sons. So when he suggested a couple of years ago that we attend an Allman Brothers concert — southern blues — in New York, I said great.

Man, were we in for a treat. Most every year, the Allmans set up camp for a couple of weeks at the old Beacon Theatre on the Upper West Side. Concerts last hours, and each is its own tour de force.

We went again this year, and I'm beginning to believe their young guitarist Derek Trucks may be the best at his instrument I've ever heard. I was awestruck by his brilliant facility, but his dazzling fingers almost mask his even-more-impressive musicianship. He is an improvisational wonder — rich, death-defying blues licks infused with a catalogue of influences.

Rock legend Peter Frampton shared the stage with Trucks — and even he was blown away.

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By Harry Smith