A Fun Look At Online Safety

I've written a lot about online safety including my latest article about Myths and Tips but I don't pretend that my writings on this subject are all that much fun.

However a very creative groups of video producers, directors and actors have found a way to lighten up this subject with two new videos at ConnectSafely.org, the non-profit Internet safety forum I help operate.

The two newest videos include "The Webs" and "The Babysitter." "The Webs" is a retro family featuring 16-year-old Kate and her not-too-with it but lovable parents. In this first episode of a series, Kate announces that she met a guy online and he asked her to go steady.

In the other video, "The Babysitter," Amanda gets off to a good start as the new babysitter, arriving early and impressing the mom. But then the mom and kids see some of Amanda's online videos. Not exactly the image Amanda wanted to convey.

You can view both videos at www.connectsafely.org/videos