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A Clever App for Mass Transit Riders

I love mass transit -- I take the bus to work every day, and would be thrilled if there was affordable light rail from my home to downtown. More than once, though, I have fallen asleep enroute, missing my stop. If this has ever happened to you, I have a techie solution for you (as opposed to simply reading a more interesting book, or getting more sleep the night before).

Travalert is a clever app for the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry that pings you before your scheduled stop -- no matter whether you're just engrossed in a magazine article or have actually fallen asleep.

As you might guess, it works through the magic of GPS. Travalert keeps tabs on your location and alerts you when you're getting close to your destination. If you lose a GPS signal -- such as if you enter a tunnel -- the app simply estimates your location until it can regain a solid lock.

I've used Travalert a few time now, and it has dutifully alerted me to my upcoming stop. Which is a good thing, even if I'm not asleep.

Photo courtesy Flickr user Bill Ward
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