911 Call: Thou Shall Not Kill

Humble, Texas, Nov. 9, 1994

Farah Fratta, a mother of 3 young children, had no idea when she pulled into her driveway one November night that a gunman was waiting for her. Across the street, neighbors heard a loud pop, ran to the window and saw Farah fall to the ground. They called 911 and gave a play by play of what they then saw the killer do.


The first person police suspected of killing Farah was her estranged husband Bob Fratta. But Bob Fratta had an impressive alibi – he was with his children at church when his wife was murdered. Still cops were suspicious – could Bob have hired someone? After a long investigation, prosecutors were able to prove Fratta had hired men to kill his wife. He was convicted and sent to death row. But more than a dozen years later a federal judge threw out his conviction and much to the horror of his grown children, Fratta got another chance at freedom. 15 years after Farah's murder, Fratta was convicted again and sent back to death row.