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9/11 Public Hearing Transcripts

Since it began, the Sept. 11 Commission has periodically held public hearings to offer a public dialogue about its goals and priorities. Click below to read transcripts from the Commission's public events.

Engaging the Public
1st Hearing: 3/31/03
1st Hearing: 4/1/03

State of Aviation Security Pre 9/11
2nd Hearing: 5/22/03
2nd Hearing: 5/23/03

Terrorism, Al Qaeda, and the Muslim World
3rd Hearing: 7/9/03

Intelligence and the War on Terrorism
4th Hearing: 10/14/03

Emergency Preparedness
5th Hearing: 11/19/03

Security and Liberty
6th Hearing: 12/8/03

Borders, Transportation, and Managing Risk
7th Hearing: 1/26/04
7th Hearing: 1/27/04

U.S. Counterterrorism Policy
• 8th Hearing: 3/23/04-3/24/04
(transcripts not yet available)

Dr. Condoleezza Rice
9th Hearing: 4/8/04 (Testimony)
9th Hearing: 4/8/04 (Statement)