7 hot tech products for summer


Summer is here! But before you depart on a road trip, to the beach, or even on the trek to your own backyard, make sure you have the right gadgets with you. Here are seven hot tech products that will change your life this summer.

Decrescent Universal E-reader Case

Whether you're on the beach, in a hot tub or in the middle of the ocean, reading with an electronic device is possible with the Universal E-reader Case from Decrescent. The universal case is essentially a zip-lock for e-readers, allowing touch navigation while protecting your e-reader from the elements. Waterproof and air tight, the protective case can be used for Amazon Kindle, Sony e-book reader, Kindle Fire and Nook Simple.

Price: $9.99

Jawbone UP

If getting in shape is a summer priority, the Jawbone UP should be at the top of your shopping list. It's a lot more than a fitness bracelet: It's a computer on your wrist. The device tracks how much you move and how much you sleep, as well as your mood and what you eat. Then you can connect it to your phone and see how active or inactive you were throughout the day. The bracelet is light, not flashy, and it comes in three convenient sizes. Jawbone UP will not only change your life, it will tell you what's wrong with it too. If it doesn't get you through a marathon, it will at least get you off the couch this summer.

Price: $129.00

Life Proof iPhone Case

Wherever life takes you this summer, you're going to want your mobile device with you. The Lifeproof case for iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III is the most protective phone case on the market, but with its slim design, you would never know. The case can be submerged in water 6.6-feet deep and can withstand being dropped onto the ground from the same height. Yet, the case adds a mere 1.5 mm to each edge and doesn't compromise any of your phone's buttons or features. In fact, the NUUD model is the first screenless waterproof iPhone 5 case on the market.

Price: $80.00

JBL Flip Stereo Speaker

Whether you're camping, hosting a cookout, or serenading a girl outside her house in an 80s movie, having a reliable Bluetooth speaker system is a summer essential. The JBL Flip wirelessly connects to smartphones, tablets and laptops, and delivers quality sound for its size. With a five-hour rechargeable battery and an affordable price tag, the mobile speaker will supply you with the soundtrack to your summer. The Beats Pill ($199.00) and the Jawbone Jambox (179.00) are also good options.

Price: $85.99

Incase EO Hardshell Roller

They already have your iPhone, iPad and laptop covered, and now Incase is rolling out its first luggage line. The Incase EO Hardshell Roller is a game-changer for high-tech travelers. The mid-size carry-on allows vacationers to pass through airport security without removing their laptop, and features a polycarbonate hard shell front panel to keep precious contents safe. A dedicated gadget compartment features space for a MacBook Pro, a slip sleeve for an iPad, and multiple pockets for accessories. A main compartment expands up to 35 percent, and it's all contained in style -- complete with neon green wheels.

Price: $299.00

Dropcam HD Wireless Monitor Camera

If you're traveling this summer but still want to keep an eye on the house, consider the Dropcam HD Wi-Fi. T device is a Wi-Fi-enabled high-resolution webcam with two-way sound capabilities. It's easy to set up and has flexible mounting options, and you can view the video feed over the Internet, or on your smartphone via free apps. Its uses range from baby monitor to crime stopper, and because the footage uploads directly to a cloud rather than locally, it can't be stolen or destroyed. Dropcam is an affordable surveillance option and a fast-growing phenomenon. In fact, more hours per minute are uploaded to dropcam than to YouTube. The camera is a travel essential and it's revolutionizing home surveillance along the way.


Hoodiepillow Brand Travel Pillow

If your summer includes travel by plane, train or automobile, consider the accessory you never knew you desperately needed: Hoodiepillow. Launched in April 2013, the inflatable neck pillow features a drawstring and hood is made of sweatshirt material. The snuggie for your head is perfect for napping during travel or ignoring that weird guy sitting in the seat next to you who wants to start a dialogue about the government. Hoodiepillow also comes in a regular pillow model. Available in heather gray, black and fire red.

Price: $19.95