60 Minutes to launch 49th season

The king of Jordan, a new Cold War, and a Picasso mystery on the 49th season premiere of 60 Minutes this Sunday, Sept. 25 on CBS

King Abdullah II of Jordan, left, and Scott Pelley CBS News

Scott Pelley interviews King Abdullah II of Jordan amid the current Middle East turmoil, David Martin reports on the surprising and worrisome U.S.-Russian nuclear stance, and Bill Whitaker finds that Picasso’s art and personal life continue to captivate four decades after his death on the 49th season premiere of 60 Minutes Sunday, Sept. 25 at 7:30 p.m. ET and 7 p.m. PT.  

Preview: The King

Terrorism. Civil war. A refugee crisis. Geopolitics. That’s the situation in the Middle East and right on the doorstep of the country of Jordan. Pelley talks to its leader, King Abdullah II, who says the trouble in his neighborhood poses a danger to the entire world.  

Preview: The New Cold War

President Obama’s nuclear strategy says that while the threat of all-out nuclear war is remote, the risk of nuclear attack somewhere in the world has actually increased. 60 Minutes decided to take a close look at how that attack might occur and found both the U.S. and Russia are developing nuclear weapons that make the once unthinkable decision to use them “less difficult.”  

Preview: The Picasso Portfolio

Pablo Picasso’s former electrician, 77-year-old Pierre Le Guennec and his wife Danielle, came forward with a trove of 271 never-before-seen Picasso pieces. The revelation of the existence of these works stunned the art world and the Picasso heirs. The Le Guennecs say they were a gift from the master. But were they? Whitaker finds a fascinating story befitting a painter who was probably the greatest artist of the 20th Century.