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5 reasons why the Nook's the best e-reader

95% of my reading is now done on ebook readers and after using them for several years, starting with the Sony Reader, then a couple of Kindles, and a couple of Nooks, I have now found the ultimate ebook reader in the new Barnes & Noble Nook. I bought my Nook 1st Edition in 2009 and still use it every now and then. Back in early 2009 I wrote why ebooks were best for reading and now a couple years later after trying to read on the iPad, big screen smartphones, and other connected devices I have decided that nothing can beat a dedicated ebook device with eInk and limited connectivity for the near-book experience.

I read ebooks on my iPad and HTC Flyer, but notifications, the urge to check email or browse the web, and other distractions take away from the book experience. My eyes are not really bothered by color displays, but after reading ebooks on my new Nook the past couple of weeks there really is nothing that can beat eInk for reading.

In my opinion, the all-new Nook, also referred to as the Simple Touch Reader, offers the BEST ebook experience through the same size screen as others, the best eInk technology, an amazingly long battery life, support for standard ebook formats, access to a bookstore with over 2 million titles, small form factor without a keyboard or other unnecessary extras, functional touch screen, and software optimized for the reading experience. It is available for a very reasonable $139 and if you are an ebook fan then this is THE ebook reader to purchase.

I also took a few product photos that you can find in my image gallery where I compare the new Nook with the 1st Edition Nook. I also captured a video below of the Nook in action and included my top 5 reasons why I think it is the best current dedicated ebook reader.

Each of us has our own personal preferences and I can't tell you that any device is the very best for all of us. However, I sincerely believe there are several reasons that the all-new Nook is the best and offer the following 5 reasons for you to consider.

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