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48 percent of smartphone buyers want an iPhone next, says survey

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(CBS) - A new ChangeWave survey found that 48 percent of those looking to buy a new smartphone in the next 90 days plan on getting an iPhone. I'm not surprised - I feel the same way now.

In the research network's study, 4,163 consumers primarily in the North American smartphone market were asked to reveal their mobile device preferences. With nearly half of the respondents saying they're going to get iPhones, 32 percent say they favor the Android OS. Only 4 percent said they want a BlackBerry OS device.

Okay, so that last point made me blush. Suddenly, I feel like a junior high kid with the so-last-year pair of sneakers.

Right now, I have a BlackBerry Curve. It does what it needs to do - show me my emails, check me into Foursquare, give me directions when I'm lost... But it's missing a couple of things: speed and a "cool" factor.

I have an iPod that plays my favorite tunes - perfect for my morning walk to work, but wouldn't it be cool if I carried less gadgets in my purse on a daily basis? Not to mention, it'd be awesome to have the "it" games and apps on hand that the iPhone could provide. (Then I won't be so behind in the times.)

And now with the introduction of Apple's iCloud service this fall, 29 percent of the survey respondents who are currently Apple product owners said they are more likely to buy Apple products. And, 13 percent of non-Apple product owners (me included) said they are also now more likely to buy an Apple product because of the iCloud.

"The results could be a leading indicator for upcoming reports. Apple's worldwide phone shipments reached second place in May, IDC [International Data Corporation] reported, but the firm predicted Android would be the most popular mobile OS beginning in the second half of 2011. In July, ComScore also reported that Android was the United States' most popular mobile OS," according to PC Magazine. "Apple remained on top of a related poll by ChangeWave that found that 70 percent of people who actually bought iOS phones said that they were 'very satisfied' with their purchase, versus 50 percent for Android, 27 percent for Windows Phone, and 26 percent for RIM."

After much thought (and I guess a little peer pressure - thanks a lot, ChangeWave survey and my "cool" friends with iPhones who I envy), I'm planning to purchase my very first iPhone ever in September.

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