"48 Hours" gets rare access to key players in complex murder case involving twice-widowed woman

Prosecutors say that two of Raynella Leath's husbands died suspiciously -- she says one was a suicide, the other was trampled by cattle. Is she unlucky or is she a black widow?

Sneak peek: The Widow on Solway Road
Sneak peek: The Widow on Solway Road 03:53

Correspondent Erin Moriarty and "48 Hours" investigate the murder case against Raynella Leath in the death of her second husband, David Leath, in "The Widow on Solway Road," the premiere of the broadcast's 30th anniversary season airing Saturday, Sept. 30 at 10/9c on CBS.

David Leath was found shot to death in the couple's bed. Raynella Leath, a nurse, called 911 to report finding her husband shot dead. There was no evidence linking her to the weapon or the shooting.

"There was more than one shot," says District Attorney Steve Crump. "And while that's not unheard of – well, it didn't look like a suicide scene."

"48 Hours" probes Tenn. murder case 04:10

"Everything good about this woman was twisted," says Leath's defense attorney Josh Hedrick. "Everything good about this woman was turned around to be evil. There's not any real evidence to suggest a homicide."

"How many times does this have to happen before someone says, 'enough'?" says Beth Roberts, David Leath's cousin.

Raynella's first husband, who was in the late stages of terminal cancer, also died after being trampled by cattle on the family farm.

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"48 Hours" and Moriarty gained rare access to attorneys on both sides, family members, jurors and even the judge in a case that ended in a way that no one saw coming. 

Was Raynella Leath very unlucky, or is there more to the story? "48 Hours" was there for the trial and the shocking end. But that's not all. Moriarty also reveals key details jurors never heard.

"48 Hours" has also launched a multi-part podcast tied to "The Widow on Solway Road," built on additional original reporting and interviews from the "48 Hours" team of journalists, available at Radio.com and other platforms.