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4,001 Post-it notes for Steve Jobs

(CBS) - German filmmaker Andreas Kopp used 4,001 Post-it notes to re-create an iconic photograph of Apple co-founder and tech legend Steve Jobs on a window at the Apple store in Munich.

We love Post-it art! And we love Steve Jobs, so combining those two things makes us warm and happy inside. Kopp and his team filmed the entire process of creating the towering image. 

Post-it notes to Steve Jobs
The sun sets on a world without Steve Jobs

"Steve devoted his life to give us the most powerful devices ever available to an ordinary person. Lets honor him and his legacy by action," said Kopp about the YouTube video. 

"Get some Post-its and post what you have to say as a reply to this video. Or stop by the Munich Apple store and write something on the Post-its. There are still some empty," said Kopp.

After the death of Jobs on October 5, mourners flocked to Apple stores worldwide to pay tribute. Along with flowers and candles, many left behind Post-in notes and apples with messages written on them. 

What would you say on your Post-it note? Let us know in the comments.

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