4 Steps to Make Cold Calling More Productive

Last Updated May 10, 2011 3:00 PM EDT

Most sales professionals hate cold calling. Not because it's difficult, but because they approach it with an attitude that makes the process is as painful as possible. While there is a certain amount of skill involved in cold calling, the major hurdle is managing your emotions so that you're consistently effective.

Many factors contribute to cold calling success. Hot leads help, of course, and it's crucial to have a proven cold calling script. If you lack either of those, click on the "Related Posts" below. However, if you've got reasonably good leads and a reasonably solid script, your biggest challenge will be your own attitude.

This post describes how top cold-callers (the people who can drum up new business day after day) get themselves "psyched up" to both make call and make the process work for them. The entire 4 step routine takes less than a minute, but it can easily double your conversion rate, based upon what the experts tell me.

If you cold call, take this post seriously, because it's the key to making some truly serious money.

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