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2016 AMAs: Drake premieres new Apple Music commercial

Drake gets teased for being “soft” in the hip-hop world, and it’s clear that he doesn’t mind making fun of himself for it in his new commercial for Apple Music. 

In 2015, Taylor Swift starred in a commercial for Apple in which she sings along to “Jumpman” by Drake and Future during a run and gets so into the music that she falls off her treadmill. 

This year, Drake repaid the favor in an ad that premiered at the AMAs, where Drake was nominated for 13 awards. 

The video opens with Drake in the weight room working out with a trainer, but when his trainer steps out for a moment, the rapper hits play on Swift’s “Bad Blood” and dances and lip-syncs before getting distracted during a bench press and falling over.  Watch the commercial below. 

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