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2 Years After Ramsey's Death. . .

If anniversaries are marked to help people remember, then the second anniversary of JonBenet Ramsey's murder need not be: few in boulder have forgotten.

CBS News Correspondent Diana Ollick reports there have been no arrests, no named suspects in this second year, just one marked change: the quiet.

"Certainly you've heard nothing about what's happening inside the grand jury and that's a positive from a prosecutor's perspective," says Denver District Attorney Bill Ritter.

Ritter is assisting in the grand jury investigation that finally began just this past fall.

No matter what the source of the leaks are, oftentimes they're either partial truths or they re inaccurate and then the public develops perceptions about the case that are inaccurate, says Ritter.

But while the tabloids toned down, the critics of boulder da alex hunter, and his admittedly acrimonious relationship with the police, took over in a war of words..

On august sixth, Steve Thomas, a detective in the case resigned with a letter saying...

"The primary reason I chose to leave is my belief that the district attorney's office continues to mishandle the Ramsey case.

Weeks later, Fleet White, a former friend of John Ramsey, wrote to the governor, calling for a special prosecutor.

The people of Colorado are entitled to be frustrated and angry with those public officials...who have brought this case to its current status," stated White.

But governor Roy Romer declined saying, it's obvious that I have concluded that it is not proper to appoint a special prosecutor because it would impair this investigation.

Still, in September, another investigator, this time from the DA's office, resigned, arguing:

"The case tells me that John and Patsy Ramsey did not kill their daughter, that a very dangerous killer is still out there and no one is actively looking for him," said former detective Lou Smit.

Finally, supporting Smit's resignation, John Ramsey, who moved the family to Atlanta, wrote in an open letter:

The killer could never have guessed that he or she would be so lucky as to have the resulting investigation conducted by such closed minded people.

All the while, the secret grand jury continued, touring the murder scene and calling witnesses. The future of the case lies with them, and sources close to the process expect it to take at least through 1999--a three-year investigation into a six-year-old's murder.