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17-Year-Old's Mossad Audition

A 17-year-old who reportedly said he wanted to impress Israeli spies scaled security fences and stowed away on a flight to London, an airport official said Thursday.

The July 12 incident, first reported in ThursdayÂ's Boston Globe, is under investigation by the airline, the Federal Aviation Administration and the Massachusetts Port Authority, the agency that runs Logan International Airport, said port authority spokesman Jeremy Crockford.

Crockford would not offer details of the incident.

According to the account in the Globe, Abraham Derman, of suburban Brookline, cut the razor wire on top of a perimeter fence surrounding Logan, walked across restricted areas and stowed aboard a British Airways Boeing 747.

Derman apparently climbed the exterior stairs of a jetway and boarded the plane. The exterior doors on jetways have combination locks, so either the lock wasn't working, it was bypassed, the door was propped open or someone let Derman into the plane.

Once aboard, Derman found an empty seat and remained for the duration of the flight to London.

Upon discovery at London's Heathrow Airport, British Airways returned Derman to Boston, where he told investigators he wanted to go to Israel. He thought the stunt would impress Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, the Globe reported.

No criminal charges have been filed against Derman, but the FAA is considering fining him, the airline and the airport.