11 questions with Gary Johnson

In an interview with Hotsheet last week,Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson spoke at length about the economy overall and President's Obama plans, and also participated in a rapid-fire question-and-answer session.

Johnson is the former Republican governor of New Mexico who first ran for the GOP presidential nomination last year before dropping out to seek the Libertarian Party nomination, which he won in May.

Here's some of what Johnson had to say in the rapid-fire portion of the interview, which you can watch above at left:

  • He supports same-sex marriage, free trade and the gold standard. He also said he supports both the Tea Party and the Occupy movement.
  • When asked if he supported the budget proposal put forth by Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., which cuts more than $4 trillion over ten years mostly through deep budget cuts to domestic programs and Medicare and Medicaid, or the bipartisan Simpson-Bowles budget plan, which cuts about $4 trillion through a combination of budget cuts and tax increases, Johnson said he support neither.

    "I'm afraid both are quite pale in comparison to the Johnson plan," he said. Johnson's plan would cut 43 percent from the federal budget, including Defense programs and entitlement programs Medicare and Medicaid. He also calls for implementation of the "fair tax," or a national sales tax to replace the current tax system.

  • Johnson said he would have let Detroit go bankrupt, referring to the president's bailout of the American automakers.
  • He also said that Romney's role at Bain was a job "creator" and not a job "destroyer."

To find out what he said when asked to choose between "Romneycare" or "Obamacare," or between Romney or Mr. Obama overall, watch the video to find out.

Gary Johnson compares U.S. to Greece, laughs at Obama's economic plan

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