100-year-old piano player credits music, martinis for long life

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NEW YORK -- A report out Thursday says more Americans are living to be 100 years old, with more than 72,000 Americans living to be centenarians.

At 100 years old, Irving Fields still plays the piano at lounges in New York City, five nights a week.

"I have to do something every day. I don't stop. It gives me a social life, too. I meet all my friends, my fans, we talk."

Irving said there are three secrets to his long life: "Love what you do. Travel as much as you can. Get me a piano to play."

He's written and composed thousands of songs.

At his age, there is one thing he misses. "If I could have sex again ... after all, I'm 100 (years) and 6 months old."

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But it's music and daily martinis that keep him going.

"I love to be a 100, but it is better to be 200," Irving joked. "If I get to 200, I will play the piano for you."

Spoken like a man truly filled with nothing but life.