10 Plus 1: Calling In On Dan Collins

This week's 10 Plus 1 participant, Dan Collins, has been with CBSNews.com since its inception a little more than seven years ago, and he's spent much of the past six years in his current position as senior producer in charge of hard news. (In 2000, he spent a year running the site's election unit.) Dan's background is mainly in print journalism: He worked as a reporter for the New York Daily News and a correspondent for U.S. News & World Report, and was the City Hall bureau chief for United Press International in New York. He's also co-authored three books and is currently working on a book about New York City and the 9/11 attack. Do you have a question for Dan on the differences between the print and TV worlds? Want to know what goes into his decisions about what stories appear on the site? Curious about one of his books? Post a question for Dan in comments below or email it to us, and we'll pick one and pose it to him in addition to the standard 10.