World's Most Expensive Cities

Last Updated Jul 14, 2011 10:40 AM EDT

  • World's Most Expensive Cities

    By Jessica Stillman

    Unemployment remains high, and the climb up the corporate ladder in the U.S. is brutally competitive. So perhaps you were thinking about going abroad to try your luck.

    We've recommended that on BNET before. For the adventurous looking to ensure their resume stands out, pulling up stakes and taking off for an assignment in another country certainly has appeal. But a new report suggests that would-be expatriates should do the math first. The cost of living in your destination of choice may be surprisingly high.

    Consulting firm Mercer just released its annual list of the world's most expensive cities. Using New York as a benchmark, and weighing the cost in dollars of various expenses in 240 cities around the world, Mercer came up with a definitive list of cities where expatriates are sure to face serious sticker shock. Will the salary you're being offered cover the quality of life you're used to in the destination you're considering? Mercer aims to help you find out.

    And you're guaranteed not to be able to guess which city tops the list.

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