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Most popular: The Class of 2015's 15 favorite apps

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What keeps teen thumbs in shape? According to the Pew Research Center, 73 percent of teens have smartphones and 92 percent go online daily. To find out which apps and sites they're spending their time in, research firm Niche surveyed 10,000 kids from the high school class of 2015 about what makes them click.

Here are the Class of '15's 15 favorite apps.


And it's Instagram by a hair. The photo sharing app is used by 61.4 percent of the Class of 2015. For the second year in a row, the app also gets the honor for having the most engaged users.


Facebook has to worry about losing younger users to competitors like Instagram and Snapchat -- but it's not doing too shabby. The survey found that 86 percent of teens have been on Facebook and nearly 61 percent use it every day.


Speaking of Snapchat, the messaging app that makes photos self-destruct moments after they're received claims a loyal 60-percent following.


YouTube got the nod for most widespread usage. More than 95 percent of teens said they've been on it (and one has to wonder where the other five percent are getting their cat videos). Half go on YouTube daily, and 41 percent go on several times a day.


Netflix, the paid subscription movie and TV streaming service, came in right behind the free video smorgasbord. It captured 39 percent of teenage eyeballs daily.


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Nearly 37 percent of respondents said they post in 140 characters or less every day.


Pandora Internet radio came out on top of the list of online streaming music services. Over 73 percent said they have used the ad-supported site, more than had listened to any of its competitors.

Apple Music/iTunes/Beats

Apple launches its new music streaming servic... 02:10

But Apple's offerings -- the latest of which, Apple Music, launched this week -- were close on Pandora's heels. Comprising the old iTunes and Beats radios, it got nearly a third of kids tuning in daily and had been used by 64 percent. Watch next year's list to see it surely climb.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook's standalone messenger app had been used by 70 percent of those surveyed. Only 27 percent use it daily, though.


A quarter of kids socialize daily on Google's social network.


With 24-percent daily listening, Spotify, the class leading streaming app, comes in third among the Class of 2015.

Cable network websites or apps

"The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart. Comedy Central

Just over a fifth of respondents watch cable TV via the websites or apps of networks such as FX, Bravo and Comedy Central.


Credit Pinterest

The image-centric app finds 19 percent of teens pinning and perusing each day.

Other free music streaming services

Amazon Prime Music

All together, the other free music streaming and download services pulled in 15 percent of ears.


And rounding out the top 15 is Tumblr. With just under 14 percent of teens saying they use it daily, it comes in as the top site for blogging -- or just watching gif after gif after gif. Teens were three times more likely to check in multiple times a day than just once.

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