Romney's potential VP picks

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    Marco Rubio, Rob Portman, Paul Ryan, and Nikki HaleyUpdated May 11

    Now that presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney has chosen close adviser Beth Myers to head his vice-presidential selection team, the quadrennial parlor game of guessing who the likely nominee will pick for a running mate has officially begun.

    While voters might not vote for a candidate because of the vice president, they rarely vote for a ticket because of the number two. Instead, the vice presidential choice is a tactical one and serves as a test of the nominee's decision making ability and a window into his thought process.

    The candidate may wants someone who can shore up a policy weakness or add some geographic balance to the ticket. Sometimes, though less often than you might imagine, the running mate is chosen because he or she gels with the nominee.

    While the Romney campaign says it is too early to talk about who will join the ticket, CBS News updated it compiled list of some of his possible choices, in alphabetical order.

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