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Heroin diaries: Personal stories of addiction, recovery and loss

Paula Nixon, 18, started using heroin when she was 16. Since then, she's been arrested three times and has survived several overdoses.

In depth: The War in Chicago

Sean Pe on heroin: "It's a living hell"

Now in recovery, Pe talks about the toll heroin has taken on his life - and the lives of his friends.

In depth: The War in Chicago

Recovering addicts, on losing control

Officials say heroin use in the Chicago suburbs is an epidemic. Friends Jake Marquez, 20, Peter Rundo, 20 and Jaymes Lindbloom, 21, -- all graduates of Neuqua Valley High School in Naperville, Ill. -- are all in recovery for heroin addiction. They talk with "48 Hours" correspondent Maureen Maher about how they got hooked and when they realized their drug use was out of control.

In depth: The War in Chicago

Jaymes Lindbloom's journey from addiction to recovery

"Heroin destroys lives. It destroys families. It destroys everything that it touches. And you can't win while you're usin' it," the 21-year-old tells "48 Hours" correspondent Maureen Maher. But it was a tough lesson for him to learn. At the height of his addiction, Jaymes had a $200-a-day habit, overdosed four times and was arrested three times.

In depth: The War in Chicago

Father of recovering addict speaks out

Jeff Lindbloom talks about son, Jaymes' heroin addiction and the toll it's taken on his family. "My wife and I, have both cried, both prayed, both done everything we possibly can to give him the opportunity" to get clean.

In depth: The War in Chicago

Addict's mother says, "He had no idea this would end his life"

Caroline Kacena lost her son, John, 20, -- a graduate of Naperville's Neuqua Valley High School -- to heroin addiction. "John had famously told me, you know, 'Mom, nobody ever wakes up one morning and says, "Hey, today's the day I wanna become a heroin addict."'"

In depth: The War in Chicago

PJ Newberg: A mother's mission

Paula Nixon's mother tells the story of her daughter's downward spiral with heroin addiction and her mission to educate others.

In depth: The War in Chicago

Sean Pe: Recovering heroin addict on getting hooked

Sean Pe lived in Naperville, Ill., most of his life -- a Chicago suburb with good schools and good neighborhoods. He started drinking at 13 and progressed to other drugs soon after. He has been arrested on seven misdemeanor charges and two felony charges -- and that's just as an adult. He says, heroin nearly killed him.

In depth: The War in Chicago

Will County Coroner: "Heroin is everywhere"

As coroner, Pat O'Neil has seen one too many deaths of suburban kids to heroin overdoses. He says heroin use in the area southwest of Chicago has become an epidemic. But he warns, "this drug is everywhere."

In depth: The War in Chicago

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