From 1950-1990: 10 home design trends that endure

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    It's common wisdom that home design trends are cyclical.

    Some unfortunate features -- like the popular popcorn ceilings of the '80s -- are probably gone for good. But others -- like the pastel bathroom tiles of the '50s -- are back in a big way and seem likely to go in and out of fashion over time.

    Considering a renovation project sometime soon? Many homeowners know that honoring their tastes today, while still keeping future marketability in mind, is a tough balancing act. When and if it comes time to sell, it will be important for future buyers to see themselves living there, which will be hard to do if they don't share your love of bold floral wallpaper.

    Even trends that seem lasting could change. When planning a new design project, particularly one representing a large financial investment, think about whether you'll have to undo the choice before selling. That added renovation work might not always be worth the time or money.

    In some cases, however, the immediate pleasure or practicality of a retro-feeling update is worth the risk. Are you looking for a safe, simple home where you can start a family? A '50s-style ranch house with an open floor plan might be just the thing. Are you a budget-savvy owner looking for an inexpensive alternative to hardwood flooring? Exploring vinyl options -- popularized in the '60s -- might make real sense.

    Whether you're updating to sell, hoping to buy or looking for inspiration, here are 10 home design trends from the '50s to the '90s that are back in vogue.

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