Five things to know about John Kasich

  • He’s late to the 2016 race – but not to politics

    John Kasich, then a freshman at Ohio State University, meets with President Nixon at the White House in December 1970. New Day for America

    While Kasich could be the last Republican to enter the presidential race (former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore has said he'll join, too), he's by no means a latecomer to the political world. In 1970, while a freshman in college, Kasich asked the president of Ohio State University to deliver a handwritten letter to former President Nixon during a meeting in Washington. The letter was later found by the Dayton Daily News.

    "I would immediately pass up a Rose Bowl trip to see you. My parents would permit me to fly down and see you anytime and I know my grades wouldn't suffer," Kasich wrote. "I know how busy you are and this is probably a ridiculous request but to me it would be a dream come true."

    Mr. Nixon wrote back that he would welcome a visit at the White House, and Kasich took him up on the offer three weeks later. They met for about 20 minutes.

    From there, his political career took off. Here are some things Kasich has been doing since that 1970 letter:

    • 1974: Graduated from Ohio State University
    • 1978-1982: Served as a Democrat in the Ohio Senate
    • 1983-2001: Elected to the House of Representatives as a Republican. Chaired the House Budget Committee, where fought with former President Clinton over the budget. He also helped oversee Mr. Clinton's impeachment proceedings.
    • 2000: Ran for president, but lost to former President George W. Bush in the primary
    • 2001-2008: Managing Director in Lehman Brothers' Investment Banking Division
    • 2011-present: Governor of Ohio
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