9 CEOs who may fear a Donald Trump presidency

  • REUTERS/Chris Tilley/File Photo

    Donald Trump portrays himself as a business expert who, if he wins the presidency, will use his management skills to "make America great again."

    But some chief executives, their companies and the industries they work within may be feeling less than sanguine about a Trump presidency, given that some of his policies and positions could upend issues as wide-ranging as trade relations with China and the U.S. tax system. Of course, that's what makes his campaign appealing to millions of Americans who feel the status quo has left them with dwindling incomes and dim futures.

    Whether Trump has been as successful in business as he likes to project is open to debate. Indeed, he has a long list of flubs such as Trump Airlines and Trump Mortgage. His evolving views on economic, business and labor issues only add to the questions about what a Trump presidency would mean for Corporate America.

    Yet more traditional business-friendly GOP candidates failed to capture the fancy of many Republican voters, while Trump has offered an appealing narrative to disgruntled citizens, said Geoff Blades, a former Goldman Sachs banker and author of "The Trump Presidential Playbook: A Wizard's Path to the White House."

    "Trump has two great messages: We don't win anymore, and make America great again," Blades said. He added, "A lot of people question what his intentions are. I don't think anybody knows."

    So far, Trump has outlined policies including reforming the U.S.-China trade relationship and removing the barriers of entry for the pharmaceutical industry. Along the campaign trail, he has also taken potshots at several CEOs, which could hint at where he might focus his attention if he moves into the White House.

    Businesses, of course, dislike both uncertainty and controversy, two things Trump has no trouble summoning.

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