5 customized homes that provide luxury living for pets

  • Photo credit: Hiroyuki Oki

    Some animal lovers are taking drastic measures to create luxurious and easy-to-clean living environments for their four-legged family members.

    And the trend is catching on: Irvine, California-based Standard Pacific Homes, one of the country's largest homebuilding companies, recently announced it will begin offering 170-square-foot pet suites as an option in 27 housing developments nationwide. Featured pet amenities will include a washing station, pet dryer, automated feeder, toy cabinet and French doorway leading to a puppy run.

    There are even more elaborate pet palaces out there. To meet the needs of die-hard pet parents, other homebuilders are customizing properties with features like dog stairs, cat tunnels and litter box cabinets.

    Here are five homes of very pampered animals.

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