Living with history: 200-year-old houses for sale

  • Looking for a home with a bit of history?

    In many areas, older homes cost more than newer homes because of their historic value, said Diana Goff, a broker associate with Handsome Properties in Charleston, South Carolina.

    There are, however, tax breaks available for buyers of historic homes if those homes are located in a historic district.

    You'll find a higher concentration of 200-year-old homes on the country's East Coast, but that doesn't mean there aren't some out West, too.

    In New Mexico, for example, you'll find adobe homes built by Spanish settlers in the region. Diane Enright, a broker associate with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices in Taos, New Mexico, said a number of these homes are in her area, but many have been modernized inside, and it's rare to find one that has been restored with period details.

    "These older homes have to be remodeled at some point, and so many people want that Santa Fe-style glitz," Enright said.

    Buying a historic property may be a bit of an adjustment for the modern buyer, Goff said.

    "With an older home, you don't have some of the modern conveniences we're used to, and you have to work with the quirkiness of the design," Goff said. "They didn't have these huge walk-in closets or bathrooms in their master suites."

    Still, Goff said, older homes have an appeal for some buyers that modern homes don't.

    "There's a certain patina to an old house you can't build into a new house," she said. "There's a feeling that comes with the grain in the floors and the high ceilings and the thick walls that you just can't capture."

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