11 jobs with surprising -- and even shocking -- salaries

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    Americans may have a split personality when it comes to money. Many don't feel comfortable talking about their own financial situations, yet at the same time want to know how much their colleagues or neighbors are earning.

    That's partly due to human nature, with many adults feeling a desire to keep up with the earning and spending patterns of their neighbors. With the post-recession years rewarding top workers with big wage increases, some middle-income Americans are scrambling to keep up by taking on more debt, according to a recent study from the Federal Reserve Board.

    But not every highly skilled career rewards its workers with hefty salaries, according to a new study from employment site Glassdoor. Even some jobs that are thought of as providing cushy salaries may pay less than you might imagine. The average American worker earned $48,320 in 2015, and some of these jobs, which require college degrees and specialized training, pay below that benchmark.

    Read on to learn about 11 jobs with salaries that may surprise or even shock you.