10 things getting more expensive this fall

  • Sandwiches

    Photo, file: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

    Kraft (KRFT) announced in its July 30 earnings call that it's raising prices on 50 percent of its products. It's "the right move for the long term," said CEO Tony Vernon. The company said it's dealing with "truly unprecedented" prices for milk, meat and other ingredients. Kraft is raising prices by 5 percent to 12 percent on cheese and 10 percent on many Oscar Mayer deli meats.

    There's probably only one sandwich that's coming down in price, and that's peanut butter and jelly, MarketWatch reports. Bread prices are slightly cheaper, and peanut butter is more affordable as well. Jelly is part of the canned fruit category, which is also seeing price drops.

  • Kim Peterson

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