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10 best deals at Walmart


By Andrew DePietro/GOBankingRates

Walmart is known for offering rock-bottom prices on a wide array of products for the home.

"A lot of shoppers know Walmart is a great place to save money on everyday necessities like groceries," said Mark Mazza, CEO and co-founder of "But there are many more deals to be gotten at Walmart than just [those on] everyday items."

Mazza went on to highlight some of the top items on which shoppers can save money, including furniture, televisions, and more.

In an effort to help you score the best deals at Walmart, GOBankingRates reached out to some of the best and brightest shopping minds in the business, as well as a Walmart insider.

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This article was originally published by GOBankingRates.

1. Simple Furniture

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Walmart's in-house brand of furniture, Simple Furniture, offers a line of quality home furnishings at prices that are hard to beat.

"In most cases, Walmart is consistently cheaper, with similar quality to IKEA, on desks, bookcases, entertainment centers and the like," said Kyle James, founder of

2. Mainstays futons

Good for a college dorm or even a home office, Walmart futons are both comfortable and affordable.

According to a Walmart's spokesperson, customers can score Mainstays futons online or in the stores for just $98 each. Research reveals that most of the chain's competitors charge more than $100 for the same models.

3. Televisions


If you're looking to score an HDTV without blowing your budget, Walmart could have the solution.

"Over the last year, about 20 percent of our Editors' Choice deals from Walmart were for TVs," said Benjamin Glaser, features editor with DealNews. "Of those deals, Walmart really slashes prices on off-brand HDTVs, like VIZIO, Sceptre and Element, which are often hundreds of dollars cheaper than name-brand equivalents."

Glaser added that customers seeking higher-quality brands can still save money, as Walmart offers regular deals on Panasonic, Samsung and LG TVs.

4. Legos


When it comes to toy purchases, Walmart has a habit of besting its competition. Both James of Rather-Be-Shopping and Howard Schaffer of noted that Lego sets at Walmart are generally cheaper than those available from competing toy retailers, such as Toys "R" Us, Target and Amazon.

"This is especially true when you get into your more expensive Lego sets, like Minecraft, Ghostbusters and Marvel Super Heroes," said James.

5. Sewing and craft supplies

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If you're looking for a hobby that keeps you or the kids off the computer, you might want to stop by your local Walmart.

"Sewing supplies, fabric, ribbon, yarn and craft supplies are far cheaper at Walmart than at a craft or fabric store like Beverly's," said Teri Gault, a shopping expert and author of "Shop Smart, Save More." "Plus, Walmart has an ample selection to choose from."

6. LED desk lamps

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Let there be light for a lesser price.

Walmart sells Mainstays LED desk lamps for as low as $5.87, according to the Walmart spokesperson. Considering that comparable lamps tend to cost $20 at other retailers, the spokesperson singled out this deal as one of the best the chain store has to offer.

7. Brand-name laundry detergent

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Multiple shopping experts agree that brand-name laundry detergent is consistently one of the best Walmart deals.

"125-ounce Tide Original Scent Liquid Laundry detergent from Target is 12.9 cents per ounce, compared to 10.8 cents per ounce from Walmart," said Kendal Perez of Coupon Sherpa.

Alicia DeMartini of BeFrugal echoed the sentiment, adding that other brick-and-mortar and online retailers usually can't beat Walmart's prices.

8. Starbucks coffee


Even products by brand names as big as Starbucks can be found for cheaper prices at Walmart.

"Coffee is a steal from Walmart," said Perez. "A 20-ounce bag of Starbucks Dark Caffè Verona Ground Coffee is priced at $11.98 (60 cents per ounce), compared to $8.19 for a 12-ounce bag from Target (68 cents per ounce) or $12.95 for a 16-ounce bag from Starbucks (81 cents per ounce)."

9. Wines

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There are plenty of generic brands that can save you money, and Walmart's store-brand wine gives the competition a run for its money.

"Everyone knows about Trader Joe's two buck chuck, which is now $3. Walmart's Oak Leaf is comparable to TJ's [but available] for less," said Gault.

Prices vary from store to store, but Walmart Oak Leaf wine usually goes for $2.29 per bottle, and wine experts have given it the thumbs up for its quality.

10. Organic foods

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Recently, Walmart made its first foray into the organic food market, and the customer reception has been positive. James and Perez have both observed that Walmart offers competitive prices on organic food products, even compared to organic supply staples like Sprouts Farmers Market.

"For example, a 12-ounce jar of Justin's Almond Butter is priced at $8.97 at Walmart, compared to over $11 from Sprouts," said Perez.

Walmart deals on organic foods also beat out more direct competitors, such as Target.

"Crisco Pure Organic Coconut Oil is priced at $6.99 at Walmart, compared to Target's non-organic Crisco Coconut Oil for the sale price of $6.93," Perez said.

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