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Victory Baptist Church looks to rebuild after fire, arson investigation underway

Victory Baptist Church looks to rebuild after fire
Victory Baptist Church looks to rebuild after fire 02:32

Victory Baptist Church in South Los Angeles is in rubble after a fire that destroyed the 79-year-old building last week. But the pastor of the church said although the building is destroyed, the church and its essence are not. 

"The air quality is still pretty bad from the fire," said Pastor Edward Jenkins of Victory Baptist Church. "That's putting a pause on having worship on the property."

Despite the efforts of more than 100 firefighters, three of whom were injured, not much could be saved. A piano used in the congregation's service Sunday was one of the few items recovered. 

"It was pulled out of the ruins and placed on the other side of the church garage," said Pastor Jenkins. "Still playable, no inner damage and it was just by divine protection the piano, pulpit, and a few other items were saved in the fire."

The Los Angeles Fire Department is investigating the cause of the fire. According to the pastor, an arrest was made Sunday morning of a man accused of arson at the church. 

Pastor Jenkins added he does not believe the suspect was affiliated with the church. 

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