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UCLA student sues for not being protected from "campus terrorists"

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A UCLA student is suing the University of California Regents for not being protected from "campus terrorists" during recent protests over Israel's military efforts in Gaza.

The pro-Palestinian encampment, matched by counterprotesters, then arrests happened all over a two week period in April and May as students were preparing for final exams.

Liana Nitka, who is scheduled to graduate this month from UCLA, is alleging civil rights violations, negligence, assault battery and breach of contract in her Los Angeles Superior Court proposed class-action lawsuit, filed on Monday.

She seeks compensatory damages as well as court orders eliminating the creation and sponsoring of a "dangerous condition of public property'' as well as preventing outside funding by antisemitic groups and organizations who require the university to "march to beat of an antisemitic drummer as opposed to the laws forbidding antisemitism and discrimination.''

On Wednesday, UCLA responded saying only that they are aware of the filed complaint. "UCLA remains committed to supporting the safety and wellbeing of the entire Bruin community. Because this filing involves ongoing litigation, we are unable to comment further," a University representative said.

According to the suit, the encampment of "campus terrorists'' who set up tents on the grounds of UCLA intended to "create and sow division through acts of disruption, chaos and dissension'' on campus.

The suit continued to call out the university for enabling the hoax of a peaceful protest, which created fear for Jewish students and faculty, inhibiting their movement around campus out of fear for their lives.

Hamas-leaning faculty members offered extra credit and better grades for those who took part in the "chaos and disruption caused by the campus terrorists,'' all with the university's knowledge and consent, the suit alleges.

Nearly half of the protesters were "paid outside agitators'' funded by wealthy Democratic donors, including the Soros Foundation, the complaint further alleges.

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