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Tales From The 91: Dancing, Pottery And Other Weirdness During Pursuit Traffic Jam

CORONA ( — Some might call it the real "Coronageddon".

Drivers caught in the middle of a hours-long pursuit of a murder suspect that ended in a standoff along the Artesia (91) Freeway near Corona on Thursday found some novel ways of passing the time - and capturing it all on social media.

At least one passenger got out of their vehicle to take part in a "Running Man Challenge" by performing the popular 80s dance move in the middle of the traffic jam.

Another driver found solace in a "survival kit" that apparently consisted solely of beef jerky.

For some reason, a piece of "brand new" pottery was put on display for sale along the 91 Freeway, with some suggesting the pottery could be used as an emergency restroom alternative.

It was also a time for the more tech-savvy commuters to figure out the quickest way out - which, for some, apparently included plans to leave their vehicles behind and walk to an off-ramp.

Some even made new friends.

Authorities say John Lopez, 26, took off from police in Compton after officers linked a black Mercedes-Benz to an attempted murder case that took place about two weeks ago.

Lopez was taken into custody and was booked on suspicion of felony evading.

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