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Students At OC School Get OK To Wear 'Dump Trump' Shirts

NEWPORT BEACH ( — A group of students in Newport Beach are being allowed to wear their "Dump Trump" shirts on-campus.

This after sisters Angelina and Alexcia Alvarez say they were asked to take the shirts off by the principal of Newport Harbor High School after pro-Trump teens on-campus harassed them.

"They repeatedly would state that it was for our own safety and that they didn't want kids to harass us," said Alexcia Alvarez.

But, on Friday, the Alvarez sisters plan to wear the shirts with the support of the administration.

For the girls, it's about fairness and free speech.

They say students who have worn pro-Trump shirts all year weren't told to remove them.

"I feel like they're saying that we can wear the shirt makes me feel equal with them now. That I have the same privileges as they do. I didn't feel that before," said Angelina Alvarez.

But for Newport-Mesa Unified School District, the issue was about ensuring the safety of the students.

"Regardless of what side you're on, we do allow students to wear their political attire as long as safety and security of our students is not comprised and that we maintain focus on learning," said Annette Franco, a district spokesperson.

In the end, the 10 students who wore the shirts were able to keep them on.

They hope this will be the beginning of better relations between them and pro-Trump kids on campus who they claim continually make racist comments.

"Other kids seeing us wear the shirts, that they feel like they can stand up too," Alexcia said. "That's like a time for us all to unite."

District officials said they have identified students who have been engaged in bullying and harassing in this case and that they are being dealt with.

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