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San Bernardino high school student with loaded gun arrested on campus

Police arrest San Bernardino high school student with loaded gun on campus
Police arrest San Bernardino high school student with loaded gun on campus 00:24

A San Bernardino high school student, accused of carrying a loaded gun on campus, was arrested Tuesday morning after another student alerted school officials.

The Oak Hills High School in Hesperia was on lockdown for about an hour as school police and law enforcement investigated the incident. No shots were fired, and no one was hurt.

Hesperia Unified School District Superintendent Dave Olney said the school's police and administration did everything right, exactly what they were trained to do. 

"We had a student that tipped us there may be a firearm on campus, we immediately went in to our code red protocols," Olney said. "Our school police responded immediately as did our sheriff's department, we also had the California Highway Patrol  … and again immediately went into lockdown."

The school district's police chief Steve Hinojos said there was a short foot pursuit of the student before he was taken into custody. Administration did not release any information about the student, or a possible motive for bringing the gun onto campus. 

"We all looked out the classroom and seen a police officer tackling the student, or whoever it was," said Ethan Silvas, an OHHS student. 

Students and parents on the other hand, had a pretty nerve-racking experience. Student Cade Buckhoff said there were stories circulating about how many shooters there were, and if shots were fired. 

"No one knew what was happening. From one source I heard there were seven guys, from another we heard there was two, three, all this stuff, " Buckhoff said. "My friend said there were shots fired – there weren't. But it was just like all this information going around, and it was all scary. ... I was telling my family how I loved them."

Another student, Ethan SIlvas, said he looked out from his classroom window and saw a student being tackled by police. 

"It was a little scary, but it was okay in the end," Silvas said. "I heard it was four people with loaded guns. But it turns out it was just one guy, and I think they said they got him, arrested him."

District officials say that they will increase the presence of law enforcement on campus on Wednesday and counseling services will be provided for any who need it. 

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