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Street takeovers, fireworks, vandalism plaguing downtown LA's 6th Street Viaduct Bridge

LAPD shuts down 6th Street Bridge to traffic for second night in a row
LAPD shuts down 6th Street Bridge to traffic for second night in a row 03:51

After the new 6th Street Viaduct Bridge was closed Friday night for approximately two hours, due to a crash, an estimated 200 people came out, an hour after it reopened, for s street takeover, the Los Angeles Police Department's Central Division said.

Driver blocks traffic while trying to get a photograph of his vehicle in the middle of the bridge.  CBSLA

On Saturday night, police closed the bridge to traffic on both sides yet again. So far, police are not saying how long the bridge will be closed. 

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With the new bridge being open for less than two weeks, it has become a magnet for dangerous street takeovers, where cars do burnouts and donuts as crowds of onlookers film the stunts. Other incidents on the bridge include people climbing the arches that line the outside of it, as well as video posted to social media of a man getting a haircut in the middle of the bridge

LAPD Central Division tweet

Friday night's crash occurred at about 9:55 p.m., according to LAPD Officer Rosario Cervantes.

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About an hour after it reopened, crowds once against descended on the downtown bridge "for a street takeover, fireworks and vandalism," LAPD's Central Division tweeted. However, no arrests were made. 

Central Division also tweeted that anyone who parks on the bridge could receive a citation and have their vehicle towed, and added that anyone present at a street takeover could be cited as well. 

Officials from Central Division noted in a tweet that maximum enforcement at the 6th Street Bridge would continue throughout the weekend. 

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