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Security guard arrested for allegedly brutally beating hairstylist outside West Hollywood nightclub

Los Angeles County deputies arrested a security guard for brutally beating a hairstylist outside of a West Hollywood nightclub

The attack happened nearly two weeks ago when 53-year-old hairstylist Albert Vasquez moved back and forth between Gym Bar and Heart WeHo along Santa Monica Boulevard.

"We know he was with certain friends at a bar, and from that bar, he walked to another bar because they were next to each other," sister Gloria Jimenez said. 

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said they received a call for someone needing medical attention around 11 p.m. on April 5 but did not find Vasquez. Jimenez said her brother was taken to the hospital by an EMT. Investigators said deputies learned about the attack four days later after Vasquez woke up after surgery.

Deputies arrested the security guard on Wednesday but refused to specify if he was working for one of the nightclubs. He was arrested for battery causing great bodily injury. 

"His skull was fractured in two places," Jimenez said. "He had part of his scalp removed to allow his brain to expand because of all the inflammation that the brain's going through."

It's unclear if Vasquez suffered any permanent damage from the beating. However, his family expects that he will need therapy to learn how to walk and speak in the future. 

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