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Police shoot, kill suspect with bean bag rounds outside Orange County McDonald's

Man dies after Fullerton police use less than lethal force to try and arrest him
Man dies after Fullerton police use less than lethal force to try and arrest him 01:59

Fullerton police released the body camera footage from a deadly shooting involving bean bag rounds and an unhinged suspect outside a McDonald's.

It happened on March 6 at 3:00 a.m. when the fast-food restaurant manager called police after the suspect and another man started acting erratically outside. In the 911 call, the manager described the suspects as "two homeless men" who were high on drugs. 

When the Fullerton Police Department arrived, they found two men, one of whom did not have a shirt. The shirtless man, 50-year-old Alejandro Campos Rios started to sing and grumble in English and Spanish while swinging his belt around as officers approached him. Officers tried to talk to him as he continued to swing around his belt erratically. The first officer who arrived said Rios was "extremely" under the influence. 

Officers found the suspect wildly swinging his belt around while singing in English and Spanish. Fullerton PD

They asked him what his name was and what drugs he had taken before calling for backup. 

For 10 minutes, the shirtless man refused to to cooperate with the officers, prompting them to use a taser but it didn't work. Rios started to wildly swing his belt around, whipping it on the floor while yelling vulgarities. 

In their next attempt to subdue Rios, an officer fired four bean bag rounds at the suspect, while another used his taser before Rios fell to the ground. 

When officers approached Rios, they noticed that he was bleeding from his chest and had lost a lot of blood. They tried to tend to the wound before paramedics took him to the local hospital where he later died. 

Fullerton police said that one of the bean bag rounds pierced through Rios' chest. The department said the bean bag rounds were fired within the recommended effective range. 

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