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Police Seek More Info On Woman Whose Body Was Found At Anaheim Recycling Plant

ANAHEIM ( — Police are seeking the public's help to find out information on a 21-year-old woman whose body was discovered Friday at an Anaheim recycling plant.

Jarrae Nykkole Estepp, of Modesto, was found at about 10:30 a.m. at Republic Waste Services on N. Blue Gum Street.

The victim was nude and pulled from debris that was being sorted on a conveyer belt.

KCAL9's Stacey Butler reported that police have been passing out fliers to businesses and motels where they believe the victim was spotted before her death.

"We know she was seen on March 13 and the early hours of the 14th here in West Anaheim," Anaheim police Lt. Tim Schmidt said. "We are hoping someone will recognize her and maybe recognize someone she was with."

Police said Estepp arrived in the area six days ago from Oklahoma City to work as a prostitute on Beach Boulevard.

Videographer Brian Bates, an activist intent on shining the light on human trafficking, said Estepp regularly prostituted in Oklahoma City. He said she told him that she lost her father years ago and learned to prostitute from a close relative.

Three years ago, Bates shot a video of when he said Estepp was pregnant and prostituting.

"Somebody probably marked her as an easy target or an easy victim because of her appearance, but she certainly wasn't. She's someone who would put up a fight. She's somebody who would not back down if confronted," Bates said via FaceTime.

Bates, who attended a candlelight vigil in Oklahoma for the victim, said Estepp readily accepted baby blankets and prayers from those who tried to help her.

"She's somebody who helped was offered to her, but she just wasn't at a point in her life where she was willing to accept that help and she certainly wasn't willing to participate in her own rehabilitation," he said.

Anyone with more information about the case was asked to call the Anaheim Police Department at (714) 765-1900.


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