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Only On 2: New, Disturbing Details Emerge In Sexual Assault Allegations Against School Janitor

HESPERIA (CBSLA)  --  New and disturbing allegations emerged Friday in the arrest of a longtime elementary school janitor who was arrested earlier this week on child molestation charges.

When Pedro Martinez, 45, a janitor at the Maple Elementary School, was arrested police said he was accused of molesting one boy.

Today, as Martinez appeared in court, officials accused Martinez of having sexual intercourse with another young boy at the school. Both of the alleged victims are under 10-years-old, officials said.

Authorities believe there may be more victims. Martinez has worked at the school since 2005.

On Friday, CBS2's Joy Benedict spoke to a family friend of one of the alleged victims. It is a story that is Only On 2.

"Every day, we let him know it's not his fault and that it's okay for him to be feeling the things that he is feeling," said a friend of the boy's mother.

It was an unimaginable conversation between the woman and her friend's 6-year-old boy.

"This little guy is brave," she said. We are calling the woman Magdalena.

A week ago, the boy -- a first grader at Maple Elementary -- confided in her that he was being sexually abused by the school's janitor.  For months.

"He would basically seek them out in the cafeteria," Magdalena said, "and make them wait and then take them to these rooms."

The boy is one of two listed in the felony complaint against Martinez.

"I've been angry. We have a punching bag in the garage and his mom bought some gloves and I've hit the bag. He's hit the bag. She's hit the bag," Magdalena said, choking back tears. "I know it doesn't make anything better. But it's a start."

Martinez made his first appearance in court Friday. He's charged with five felony counts involving two boys under the age of 10. The charges included everything from sexual intercourse to showing them pornography.

Bail has been set for $1 million.

"My hope. he spends the rest of his life in a cage where he belongs," Magdalena said.

In addition to seeking justice in a criminal court, the family plans on filing a civil suit against Martinez and the school district.

"Under no constellation of circumstances should a maintenance worker have unfettered access to these children such that he could be alone in a classroom with them at the lunch hour," said attorney Paul Matiasic.

For now, the family says they are just focusing on the brave little boy whose strength they are hoping will encourage other children to come forward.

"We're taking baby steps," said Magdalena, "to make him be that boy God intended him to be."

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