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Local pastor Jack Hibbs believes Supreme Court made right decision overturning Roe v. Wade

Opponents of abortion rights said the Supreme Court did the right thing when it overturned the landmark Roe v. Wade decision that established the right to an abortion. 

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While many Americans are protesting the decision, which came down Friday morning, Jack Hibbs, was quietly celebrating the ruling. 

"I think it's a great step in the right direction," he said. 

Hibbs, the founding pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, said the SCOTUS decision was a personal victory. 

"Finding out when I was a young teenager that my mom attempted an abortion, I survived that, has caused me to love life more," Hibbs said. 

Despite the ruling, access to abortion in California will continue to be protected, with the rights likely to be expanded soon by state Democrats. 

"Listen, wars are not won in a day," Hibbs said. 

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There's also California's Constitutional amendment 10, which would prohibit the state from denying a person's access to reproductive freedom. It cleared the senate this week and will likely be on the November ballot. However, opponents of abortion rights, like Pastor Hibbs and his 15,000 person congregation, believe the tide will turn. 

"It's hard to turn a big ship, California being the big ship, but it's turning," he said. 

Hibbs also shared his own family's experience with adoption. 

"She's 12-years-old. She's an amazing piano player," the pastor said of Emelyn.

Emelyn's biological mother was penniless and pregnant when she met the Hibbs family. One thing led to another and Emelyn ended up being adopted his daughter Rebekah. Now, he said, they can't imagine a life without her. 

"We saw her at birth, and we've had in our lives ever since," said the pastor. 

He believes adoption is and can be the best option for those having to face abortion in the future and believes that abortion weights on the conscience. 

Hibbs also told CBSLA that he believes the process of adoption should be much easier, so that people who want that family do not have that major cost or that long and frustrating wait. 

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