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Shotgun-Wielding Suspect Dead Following Officer-Involved Shooting Downtown

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — An officer-involved shooting in Downtown Los Angeles Sunday afternoon left the suspect dead, authorities said.

CBS2/KCAL9's Laurie Perez reporting from the scene said a shotgun-wielding suspect encountered two transit officers making their regular rounds at a Metro station.

The man refused to drop the weapon and a brief chase ensued. Officers chased the man to street level where the OIS occurred.

The incident unfolded on 7th and Hope streets, near the Metro station,  just after 2:15 p.m.

At least one of the officers opened fire, the suspect was declared dead. Police said "multiple" shots were fired at the suspect. It was unclear if he returned fire but authorities don't believe he did.

Witnesses told CBS2/KCAL9 reporter Laurie Perez they heard as many as 10 shots.

No officers were injured. No innocent bystanders were injured.

Police are investigating. They said the man -- described as white and in his 40s -- was armed also with a large amount of ammunition.

What made the incident particularly scary, reported Perez, is authorities have not yet determined what the suspect might have been planning.

"My back was turned," said witness Aaron Bray, "the gun was just -- bang, bang, bang, bang. You know, a whole procession of gunshots."

Bray was one of the people who said he heard 10 shots -- at least.

"Ten to 15. They were so fast in succession, one after each other. It was at least ten, probably more than 10, less than 20. It was terrifying," he said.

Bray said his military experience came in handy.

"I was pretty far away," he says, "like half a block, but there were still bullets hitting stones or something and shards of stone were breaking off. One of them hit me in the face. I was just kinda like in a state of shock for a second and then I just stayed there until the gunshots stopped."

A shotgun was recovered at the scene. Authorities said the man was not a transient. The suspect was declared dead at the scene.

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