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Java With Jamie: Gabrielle Nevaeh Green

Java With Jamie: Gabrielle Nevaeh Green
Java With Jamie: Gabrielle Nevaeh Green 06:09

If you don't know her, your kids do. Gabrielle Nevaeh Green is a Nickelodeon star looking to change the world.

Besides staring in shows like "That Girl Lay Lay," she is on her way to a flourishing music and comedy career.

In today's Java With Jamie, we find out how she went from wanting to being a doctor to now having a new dream.

Green is really a "Nick Kid," and a good sport, having been slimed more than a dozen times.

She has almost 2 million followers on TikTok who are all looking to watch behind the scenes of "That Girl Lay Lay," as well as all her castmates' dance moves.

On "That Girl Lay Lay,"  Green plays "Sadie," a somewhat shy teen trying to come into her own with the help of avatar "Lay Lay," who has special abilities.

While Green is non-stop with acting and broadcast work now, she grew up thinking she wanted to be a doctor. That all changed when she attended a preforming arts school in Florida. She did lighting and behind-the-scenes work until she went to her parents and wanted to make a move.

Green hopes her story allows other kids to believe in themselves.

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