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Investigators believe man in custody for killing cat also killed 16-year-old chihuahua

Police believe man in custody for killing cat is also responsible for torturing, killing dog
Police believe man in custody for killing cat is also responsible for torturing, killing dog 02:18

Investigators believe that a man already in jail for torturing and killing a cat also did the same to a woman's 16-year-old chihuahua last week. 

Disturbing surveillance footage shows the moments that the man, who has been identified as 27-year-old Rogelio Diaz, brutally kicks the dog name Chiquita into the street outside of her owner's home last Wednesday. 

He then stops riding his bike, puts on gloves and moves the dog onto the sidewalk where he repeatedly ran her over. 

Now nearly a week after the tragic incident, her owner is still mourning.

"Chiquita was my baby," said Ramona. "My baby, so long time."

Ramona returned to her house shortly after the savage incident to find Chiquita bloodied and dead on the sidewalk. She says that Diaz didn't leave the area afterwards, still standing across the street and saying that someone else did it. 

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department release seeking information on Rogelio Diaz prior to his arrest for allegedly torturing and killing a woman's cat.  LASD

The family didn't realize until a few days later exactly what had happened after looking at the security video, which shows that he was even with his young daughter initially. 

"The little girl kept saying, 'Daddy, the puppy,' and he was just like, 'Come on," said Ramon's granddaughter Lola. 

The family has tried to cover up some of the blood left on the wall and sidewalk, left from the attack that continued for 25 minutes. 

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department investigators believe that there may be even more victims. Diaz was arrested the day after the attack for a different incident, where he threw a woman's cat at a wall and onto the sidewalk repeatedly until it was dead. 

They say that Diaz has a violent criminal history. 

"Imagine how many other animals he has done that too," Ramona said. "People around him are in danger."

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