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Inside SoCal: 11/21 Wrap-Up

Inside SoCal Sunday Morning: 11/21/2021 05:07

We're talking turkey — but not your typical one.

Chef Timothy Hollingsworth is giving us tips for the perfect bird and we're learning table setting tips from Atelier Saucier.

Award winning Chef Timothy Hollingsworth shares a special recipe for Smoked Turkey with a Mayonnaise Rub. Then it's time for wine! Pair your meal with a wine that doesn't overpower like a pinot noir and serve champagne as a palate cleanser. It's the perfect time to open the special bottles and celebrate. When it comes to your table — don't be afraid to mix and match color and texture. Make it fun!

Turkey Tips

- Keep it Moist
- Inject it - making a brine and sucking up the brine and pumping liquid inside
- Brine the bird - submerge in liquid
- Dry rub

Smoked Turkey with Mayonnaise Rub
There is sweetness the mayonnaise provides and it creates a beautiful skin with depth and flavor. Most importantly — it keeps it moist.

While baking
Spritz with apple juice and bourbon

After baking
- Make sure your turkey reaches an internal temperature of 165°F
- Let it rest 30 minutes to an hour

Chef Timothy Hollingsworth

Chef Timothy Hollingsworth is an award-winning chef and restaurateur in Los Angeles. In 2015 he opened Otium, a contemporary American restaurant adjacent to The Broad Museum. A longtime LA favorite, Otium's sophisticated, yet accessible menu features eclectic, vibrant flavors inspired by the wood fire and global influences. In 2018, he opened C.J. Boyd's at The Fields LA, a fried chicken stand that pays homage to Chef Tim's grandfather Cecil Boyd and his southern roots. Before he moved to Los Angeles in 2012, Hollingsworth started his career at The French Laundry where he worked for 13 years including four years as the Chef de Cuisine. Hollingsworth has won multiple awards throughout his career, including the Rising Star Chef Award from The San Francisco Chronicle and the Rising Star Chef of the Year Award, presented by the James Beard Foundation.



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