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Inside SoCal: 11/14 Wrap-Up

Inside SoCal Sunday Morning: 11/14/2021 05:00

Ways to destress during the Holidays!

Echo Park Lake

Echo Park Lake didn't start out as a man-made like. In the late 1800s, it was used as a reservoir to store water in the city's "West End." It was a natural arroyo and eventually lent itself to becoming a lake and wildlife habitat, as well as a communal space for the residents to enjoy. Today, Echo Park Lake continues to offer visitors the chance to enjoy the area in and around the water.


Wheel Fun Rentals offers fun on the water thanks to their Swan Pedal Boats. Boats can fit up to 5 people and offer fun, light physical activity for the whole family. Voted as one of LA's top 10 things to do, it's a great way to explore Echo Park Lake's lotus beds and fountain; see turtles, heron, and geese; and enjoy the outdoors. For date night, take your special someone out for a sunset pedal ... the swans light up the lake!

Reservations required and can be made at

Just Float

Known to be the largest floatation therapy center in the world, Just Float offers a unique experience for adults of all ages and needs. The experience includes your own private tank, filled with 11 inches of mineral rich Epsom salt water, heated to the temperature of your body. These specifications allow you to effortlessly float with effects ranging from relaxation to pain relief. Invented in the 1950s (sensory deprivation), today's floatation therapy offers options that can be adjusted to the individual's preference – you can enjoy soothing music and low lighting during your float or engage in a more traditional float removing all stimuli (dark and quiet).

Learn more about the benefits and offers at

Just Float
76 N. Hudson Ave. Suite 120
Pasadena CA 91101
(818) 639-3572


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