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Homeowner In Apple Valley Reportedly Says He Shot Intruder To Death

APPLE VALLEY (   —  An Apple Valley homeowner reportedly told authorities Wednesday that he fatally shot an intruder inside him home.

CBS2's Crystal Cruz reported from the scene, the 16700 block of Pauhaska Road.

Around 5 p.m., Cruz reported the homeowner was still talking to investigators and the body was still inside the home.

It was murky how the two might have known each other.

It was also unclear why there were many evidence markers outside the home when the shooting took place indoors.

"It's cary when you see things like that make you think about your family," said resident Gabriel Sandoval.

He saw the large crime scene across the street from his home and said his security cameras caught images of people in front of the home apparently using  a flashlight.

"I'm not sure if it's a male or female, all I saw is people moving," he said.

Jack Fales thought he was hearing firecrackers.

"Round my corner," he said,  I have this kid popping off fireworks. And I thought it was him. So I got up, got a drink of water, looked outside and everything was good. And I went back to bed."

Investigators as of 10 p.m. were not ready to officially declare it a home invasion or botched robbery, Cruz reported.

Neighbors watched investigators work in front of the home for hours -- but inside is where the shooting happened early this morning, startling many neighbors.

"Saw the big unit and was like oh this gotta be heavy stuff," said a neighbor.

Heavy indeed. One neighbor doesn't think this shooting was random.

"This is a very quiet neighborhood everyone looks out for or houses when we're gone. I just can't understand this being a random thing," the neighbor said.

Said another, "He's a nice guy, he don't mess with nobody."

If it was a botched home invasion, Pamela LeClair is all for her second amendment rights.

"I've got a gun andI  know how to use and I'm not afraid," LeClair said.

The homeowner has been interviewed by police and is not in custody, Cruz reported for the KCAL9 News at 10 p.m.

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