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Grandmother on her way home from charity event killed by speeding driver

Family honors grandmother's legacy with fundraiser benefitting victims of DUI crashes
Family honors grandmother's legacy with fundraiser benefitting victims of DUI crashes 02:02

A 75-year-old woman's family is hoping to honor their matriarch's charitable legacy after she was killed in a car crash last week. 

"We want everyone to know she was actually hit by a reckless drunk driver, and she was taken from her family," daughter Brigette Williams said. "She suffered severe internal injuries."

Ann Wesson Williams was driving through the intersection of Reservoir and Ninth Streets in Pomona when another driver ran a red light at a very high rate of speed, likely exceeding 100 mph, in a residential neighborhood, according to the 75-year-old's daughter.

"To be violently taken is just like unbelievable," Brighette said. "Completely unbelievable, especially that people can be so careless."

Ann had just left a charity event to raise money for homeless people. The mother of four and a grandmother of six was traveling the world after retiring from a long career as a criminal counselor at the Chino State Prison.

"Even with the prisoners, a lot of them were so thankful for her," Brighette said. They would tell her, 'Well, I thought my life was over. There was no reason to keep going or pursue school.' But she really promoted that for them."

Since their matriarch had a heart for helping others, Ann's family is raising money to honor her. They plan to donate all the proceeds to families who have lost loved ones to DUI crashes.

"She had the biggest heart ever," Brighette said. "Whatever you were involved in, she was involved in. However, she could encourage you; that's what she did."

The other driver died following the crash. 

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