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Glendale police warn homeowners of new tool being used by burglars

Police issue warning about burglars using network blockers to gain undetected entry into homes
Police issue warning about burglars using network blockers to gain undetected entry into homes 01:24

Glendale police are warning Southern California homeowners of a new tool being used by burglars that allows them to disable home security systems and gain entry into homes without detection. 

A statement issued by Glendale Police Department reports a notable rise in residential burglaries over recent months, leading them to established a task for dedicated to preventing the crimes. 

"To date, the taskforce has been responsible for a significant decrease in residential burglaries in Glendale and several arrests," the statement said. 

While investigating some incidents, GPD detectives were able to learn that suspects had begun to use a new type of technology that allows them to block WiFi signals in order to evade home security alarms and cameras. 

"Signal-blocking devices allow individuals to unlawfully enter homes undetected," the statement said. "This technology disrupts the signals emitted by home WiFi systems, cutting the feed of traditional home security systems and cameras, and rendering them ineffective in alerting homeowners or law enforcement to the presence of intruders."

Because of this, police are now warning residents to remain vigilant and take proactive measures to enhance their home's security due to the new concerns raised over community safety. 

They've issued a series of tips to homeowners to prevent susceptibility, including: 

  • hardwire alarm systems and cameras, preventing signal blockers from cutting off network connection,
  • secure gates and strengthening security around property by installing sturdy locks,
  • enhance exterior lighting and utilize motion-activated lights,
  • install backup batteries so that security systems can provide continuous coverage outside of homes without disruption,
  • install locks on second story windows and balconies,
  • establish neighborhood watch services with trusted neighbors who can keep an eye on homes when residents are away,
  • consider hiring house sitters,

"We encourage residents to report any suspicious activity or concerns promptly," said the police statement. "By working together, we can create a safe environment for all residents."

Concerns can be reported at (818) 548-4911.

The warning comes at a time that several law enforcement agencies across Southern California are warning homeowners over the noted increase in crime, including in Irvine, where investigators say that 34 burglaries were committed in a 35-day span.

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