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Fashion Break Down: Carrie Underwood's "Good Girl" Looks

Carrie Underwood has displayed her proclivity to couture designs on the red carpet and as an award show host. In "Good Girl," Underwood explores high fashion as a music video concept. The video's concept is that the "good girl" and "bad girl" aspects of Underwood's personality talk to each other, with the outfits playing differentiator between them. But the real question is: where did she get all of those amazing outfits?

Her stylist Trish Townsend mixed high- and lowbrow fashion, using some custom and couture, but also some affordable, designers. Underwood's video applies the standard black is bad and white is good concept, but she mixes in extremes like floral elements to embellish the good girl and garter belts to spotlight the bad.

If you'd like to get the looks, here's our fashion break down of what Underwood wore -- and how easy it would be for you to recreate.

Bad Girl In Shorts

Jacket: Nikki Rich -- From Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi's high fashion clothing line with designer Nikki Lund. The duo also have a ready to wear line called White Trash Beautiful. Item is couture but you can find things from their line at boutiques across the country, including Forgotten Saints in L.A.

Tights: Pretty Polly Suspender Tights -- Available at department stores everywhere, including Dillard's. These tights make it look like you're wearing double hose and a garter belt, but without all the extra work of actually doing it.

Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti -- In many high-end stores or get yourself a pair in nero that scream bad girl on Zappos.

Good Girl Tutu

Tutu: Rented from Chic Little Devil -- No need to hire a professional stylist. Get your own full-skirt tutu similar to this one on Esty.

Jacket: Baby Phat -- Yup, good girl Carrie is rocking one of the original urban brands and paired it with a tutu. While the exact jacket doesn't appear to be available in the current collection, this white denim option gives the same good girl feel.

Glasses: Elizabeth and James -- A great look for any aspiring librarian. Get the Chrystie glasses at Shopbop.

Shoes: miu miu -- We've veered into the spring/summer collections so getting these exact miu miu winter white boots might be tough. But you could let your good girl run wild in those sparkle open-toed pumps from Neiman Marcus.

Good Girl Floral Maxi Dress

Dress: Elizabeth and James -- This dress encompasses the look and feel of the Olsen Twins fashion line. Recreate it with a flowing floral Elizabeth and James dress from Saks.

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman -- Underwood rocks fushia stripy sandals. Zappos has pumps in the very same hot pink.

Bad Girl Gown

Dress: Rachael Cassar -- This Australian designer favors intricate, beaded and sequined gowns for her collection. Carrie wears a sparkly tulle gown for this bad girl look. Cassar is known for her environmentally conscious designs using recycled fabrics and deconstructed garmets -- which means each piece is one-of-a-king.

Shoes: Ryan Haber -- A real bad girl would shamelessly brandish his silver studded black boots called Monsters.

Bracelets: Nialaya -- Underwood wears an arm full of bracelets from this Los Angeles based jeweler. They're pretty expensive, but any bad girl worth her salt could figure out a way to get her hands on them.

Veil Headband: Maison Michel -- The only way to really be a black widow? Wear a veil. This Paris designer updates the idea with a veiled headband that makes a statement.

Good Girl Sequin Dress

Dress: George Chakra -- This stunning dress looks like it's straight out of a 1960's Dusty Springfield performance. But in reality it's a couture piece from the house's spring 2012 line -- which makes getting your own copy pretty hard to manage.

Good Girl Fringe Dress

Fringe Dress: Kymerah -- in homage to the swinging '60s (who in turn are paying homage to the roaring '20s), this fringe dress is a couture work of art but still angelic.

Cuffs: Cuffs Couture -- This romantic flowered cuff have a matching Katniss headband and are a smidge of Underwood's look that most could afford.

The Butterfly

Dress: Aurellio Costarella -- Not good and not bad, the Butterfly look is a little of both. This is the second Australian designer Underwood showcases in the video, from his couture collection.

Cape: Custom made -- That generally means thrown together on set. So grab yourself a sheer red shawl and make your own.

Shoes: Diego Dolcini -- These shoes are a signature piece in the video, excellently capturing the flowing beauty of a good girl and the mean spikes of a bad girl. The fan zip shoes are available at Neiman's, but they cost a pretty penny.

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